We Offer a Variety of Technologies

We base our products and R&D services in a comprehensive variety of technologies.


New generation of epoxies

The R&D team at Finnester started to research epoxies because of their versatility. The possibilites for further development of epoxies are endless.

The challenges with epoxies are that they are inherently brittle and they cure poorly at room temperature. The Finnester R&D team managed to develop a new generation epoxy technology eliminating the brittleness without compromising on the mechanical properties, with improved curing behaviour.

DERA technology is applied both in manufacturing epoxy composites and in coatings.

In the composites industry, DERA technology is particularly well suited for production of several sports equipment, such as tennis rackets and baseball bats. With DERA technology, the toughness of the end product can be increased without decreasing the glass transition temperature.

DERA technology offers coatings with impact resistance to avoid surface rippling. DeraFLOW is developed for priming and deraGLAZE gives impact resistance to floors.

DERA – would it be time to switch to new generation epoxies?


Ceramic coatings, a combination of organic and inorganic chemistries

Finnester R&D team had been researching the use of ceramics in polymer chemistry for a while and the findings resulted in a groundbreaking innovation, the HYBRID technology, enabling a compound of ceramic material and organic binders.

HYBRID technology opens up new possibilities to challenging applications since combining various technologies provides a fantastic number of benefits, such as UV and weather fastness, as well as resistance to heat, corrosion, chemicals and dirt, not to forget fast-curing at room temperature and excellent adhesion.

HYBRID coatings also offer a smooth finish, glossy or matt.

HYBRID technology brought along another revolutionary innovation: a fire resistant technology based on ceramifying polymers. Finnester Coatings was the first to develop a decorative coating for the external body shell of passenger rolling stock, compliant with the requirements of the European standard EN45545-2 (EX1A, R7, HL3), but not compromising on any other parameter required of a high quality outdoor coating. HybridRED is unique on a worldwide scale.

HybridGLAZE is an excellent coating material for carbon fiber reinforced composites because of excellent adhesion and a smooth and hard finish. HybridWHITE has a superb dirt and ice resistance, important for machines in different industries and many composites in outdoor use. Further applications of the hybrid technology are being tested on the underwaterpart of the exterior body shell of ships (superb waterproof mar resistance).

Why compromise if there is no need to?


Superior chemical resistance with mechanical strength and adhesion

In 2014 the R&D team at Finnester discovered a new type of material which behaves both like thermosets and thermoplastics. This initiated a development process resulting in NEORON technology.

NEORON technology was used to develop a coating for floors facing extremely demanding conditions. NeoronGLAZE provides extreme abrasion resistance, but also resistance to heat and chemicals, and therefore it is well suited for floor and other surfaces of heavy industry and industrial kitchen.

Would it be time to switch to a surface that simply resists more?


Polyurea based coatings with extended pot life

Finnester R&D team got interested in polyurea chemistry, which is a rather new field of chemistry. At that time the use of polyurea was still quite uncommon in Finland.

In 2009, PHERON technology came about. PHERON coatings can be used in many applications in stead of epoxy. PHERON is not an allergenic material and the coated substrate is fast curing for return to service.

Other coatings based on polyurea technology are very reactive and the processing time is only a few seconds. Due to this, expensive specialised tools are needed for processing. The pot life of PHERON coatings is the longest on polyurea market, so extensive investments in equipment are not needed. Furthermore, an excellent quality of coated surface can be achieved.

PHERON family of coatings includes products based on both aromatic and aliphatic technologies, the main properties being abrasion resistance and toughness. The elasticity of the aliphatic coatings can be adjusted according to the application. PHERON coatings provide an excellent UV and weather resistance and the properties persevere any change of temperature, even extremely cold.

PHERON technology is well suited for coating and repairing objects requiring weather resistance. The technology also provides many advantages to sports equipment industry, especially to winter sports, such as hockey sticks and snow boards.

Should it be time to beat the Finnish climate with appropriate products?


Smooth, pinhole-free surfaces for composites

Finnester Coatings focused on composites during the first years of activity. The aim was to improve the processes of the industry with innovative and better coatings. The most time consuming and ineffective part of the manufacturing process of composites is typically the repeated finishing.

PURE technology was developed to solve this problem. PURE coatings offer a smooth and gloss finish, and consequently, the time spent on finishing decreases dramatically. The coatings cure fast at room temperature also in thin layers. Unlike a gelcoat finish, PURE coatings are tack-free, and UV and Infrared can be used for faster curing.

The coating products based on this technology are based on or fully compatible with unsaturated polyester, which is the most common binder in composites industry. The products do not contain waxes and they have a high styrene resistance.

PURE family of coating products offers solutions for the whole composite production process and specific demands: such as pureFLOW for priming, pureGLAZE for smooth and gloss finish, pureRED for fire protection and pureRUBBER for friction.

PURE – why spend days finishing when a few hours is enough?


Our unique technologies

Our range of coating products is based on five unique technologies giving our products unique features, which in turn bring new benefits to different applications. The table below displays the unique technologies and the range of coating products based on each of the technologies.


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