We Offer a Variety of Technologies

We base our products and R&D services in a comprehensive variety of technologies.

Finnester Coatings got started serving the composites industry with innovative coatings and tooling products in order to optimize production processes and to cut costs. The current product portfolio serves an even wider range of needs of both polyester- and epoxy-based composite industries.

RUBBER coatings are completely waterproof and extremely elastic, like rubber. The elasticity remains even in freezing temperatures.

RUBBER coatings are well suited for outdoor applications because of good weatherability and waterproofness.

PureRUBBER with lower viscosity is an excellent coating for large surfaces, such as roofs and terraces. PheronRUBBER is thicker and seals joints and ducts perfectly.

RED fire resistant coatings offer fire protection for different substrates both indoors and outdoors.

Our flagship product hybridRED gives better fire protection than any other coating product. The unique fire protection technology is developed by Finnester R&D team. It is based on ceramifying polymers.

HybridRED has a unique European market in railway industry because of the strict fire safety regulations of passenger rolling stock according to standard EN45545-2. HybridRED is the only decorative coating for the external body shell of passenger rolling stock, compliant with the requirements of the standard (EX1A, R7, HL3), but not compromising on mechanical strength or weatherability. HybridRED is unique on a worldwide scale.

HybridRED is the ultimate fire protection for inorganic substrates. When fire protection is needed for an organic substrate, HybridRED can be complemented with an intumescent char which does not lead heat to the layers below. The only downside with the added intumescent system is that the coating is not glossy anymore.

For indoor composite substrates pureRED offers fire protection in combination with a very smooth and hard surface without pinholes.

Below the range of RED fire resistant coatings.

In order to achieve extreme ice and dirt resistance, hybridWHITE was developed. The HYBRID technology is a groundbreaking innovation by Finnester R&D team, the technology enables a compound of ceramic material and organic adhesives.

All ceramic coatings based on HYBRID technology have a hard and smooth surface with anti-icing and anti-dirt properties. The components of hybridWHITE have been adjusted so that these properties are enhanced.

When protection from dirt and all kinds of weather are needed, hybridWHITE is the perfect coating solution. HybridWHITE brings benefits to harbours, concrete production and transport as well as wind turbines, to name a few.

GLAZE coatings are designed for finishing different substrates with a high quality appearance.

GLAZE coatings offer a wide range of benefits as a finish for different kind of composite materials and for different types of floors. For composites, GLAZE coatings provide a very smooth and gloss finish without pinholes. Time spent on finishing decreases dramatically compared to other finishing products. For different floor materials ranging from heavy industry to wooden terraces outdoors, GLAZE coatings offer durable abrasion resistance.

Below the range of GLAZE finishing coatings both for composites and for floors.

Uuden sukupolven Deep-kyllästeillä tuotteille voidaan lisätä esim. palonkestoa tai helppoa puhdistettavuutta, sään- ja lämpötilankestoa.

FLOW fillers and primers are easy to spread and finish, combined with excellent adhesion. All products are fibre reinforced to offer excellent impact resistance.

Below the range of FLOW fillers and primers for different substrates and conditions.