Added value to composite products


Our coatings offer fire protection to the composite parts of different vehicles, some with fire safety regulations. PureRED also offers a gloss, high quality surface for polyester-based composite panels. This smooth and hard surface without pinholes is extremely easy to finish. HybridRED is compliant with the demands of standard EN45545-2 for outdoor applications of passenger rolling stock in Europe. HybridRED can be applied on inorganic material, or fire protected GRP panels.

DeraFLOW is a filler based on a new epoxy technology and it gives more impact resistance to different vehicles like trains, ships and boats together with a smooth and easily finished surface. PureFLOW is a smooth and pinhole-free primer for polyester-based boats.

Sports equipment industry

Our advanced technologies can substitute epoxies providing more benefits to composite-based sports equipment manufacturing. With DERA technology, the toughness of the end product can be increased without decreasing the glass transition temperature, which makes tennis rackets or baseball bats more durable. PHERON technology is based on polyurea and it is perfect for manufacturing winter sports equipment, such as hockey sticks and snow boards. The properties of the material persevere any change of temperature, even extremely cold.