Cost and time savings for composite industry

Finnester Coatings got started serving the composites industry with innovative coatings and tooling products in order to optimize production processes and to cut costs. The current product portfolio serves an even wider range of needs of both polyester- and epoxy-based composite industries.

Polyester-based composites

Durester tooling products minimize finishing work. Durester is a whole series of polyester-based tooling products for mould and master plug manufacturing. The products offer an outstanding curing performance at room temperature. The cured surface is hard, glossy and without pinholes. Products for maintenance and repair extend the operating life of moulds.

PURE technology was developed to accomplish a family of coatings to offer a smooth and gloss finish without pinholes, and consequently, a dramatically reduced time spent on finishing. These coatings cure fast at room temperature also in thin layers. Unlike a gelcoat finish, PURE coatings are tack-free, and UV and Infrared can be used for faster curing.

Epoxy-based composites

DERA is a new epoxy technology eliminating the typical brittleness without compromising on the mechanical properties, and with improved curing behaviour. DERA technology is applied both in manufacturing epoxy composites, e.g. sports racket and bats, and in coatings. DERA coatings offer a superior impact resistance compared to other epoxy-based coatings.

PHERON technology is based on polyurea and can be used in many applications in stead of epoxy. PHERON is not an allergenic material and the pot life is long enough not to demand specialised tools. The coated substrate is fast curing for return to service, even in freezing temperatures.

Both polyester- and epoxy-based composites

HYBRID is a ceramic technology providing a fantastic number of benefits, such as UV and weather fastness, as well as resistance to heat, corrosion, chemicals and dirt, not to forget fast-curing in room temperature and excellent adhesion. Hybrid coatings can be applied on polyester- and epoxy-based or carbon reinforced composites, also for applications outdoors, or exposed to heat. HYBRID technology brought along another revolutionary innovation: a fire resistant technology based on ceramifying polymers. The fire protection offered by hybridRED is the most efficient on the coatings market.