Fire protect your composite
with our certified coatings

Find the best fire
protection for your composite

Tested revolutionary

Benefits of using Finnester fire protection

No need for fire retardant fillers

  • Use standard Composites
  • 30% lower total cost
  • Simple procurement
  • No need for FR raw material


  • Same substrate for fire and non fire proofed solutions
  • Simpler design
  • Higher production flexibillity

No production

  • Use standard processes
  • No filtering issues in infusion
  • High Output
  • Easy to handle

More sustainable products

  • Significantly stronger
  • 50% lighter
  • Less waste
  • Lower carbon footprint

Certified in several industries


Certified EN45545-2
Read more about products we use in Rail and transportation industry.


Certified IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 5
Read about testimonials, references and products we use in the Marine sector.


Certified EN 13501-1
Read about our references, testimonials, and the products we have used in constructions.

Innovations and News

Featured News

Future of plastics

How plastics have evolved, faced hurdles along the way. Our own current hurdle is to trash the image of “painting plastics” being a hoax.

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Featured News

Protecting composite airplane seats

An airplane seat has to be fire-safe, lightweight and easy on the eye. How to fire protect composite airplane seats without adding too much weight or having to compromise on looks? We accepted the challenge and got down to work. The results blew our minds:

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We are proud to present our Webinar series. Get to know the usage on Finnester Coating solution in various industries.