3D print solutions

Finnester fire protects many 3D printed composites

Finnester Coatings Hybrid Red product range can be used to get a smooth fire proofed surface to 3D printed parts. Applications rangeis very large from railway spare parts to decorative and special object in the Marine industry. Main benefits for using the Finnester coatings range of products are:

  • Confident and consistent fire protection
  • Full production flexibility (use fire proofing where needed)
  • Easy to prepare (fill and sand) uneven base structure
  • All (properties) in one top layer
    • Choice of colours and surface effects
    • Outdoor weathering
    • UV-light resistance
    • Scratch, anti-graffiti
  • Easy and safe maintenance

Good to know


EN45545-2 R1, R7 HL2

Test your product in our Fire Lab

Finnester Coatings Oy has built an in-house fire lab and test facility, to confirm the fire protection performance of Finnester RED combined with a wide range of customer composites.

Need guidance for the right product?

Finding the best fire protection solution for composite
materials is now easier than ever.

Solution Expert Ari Hokkanen

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