hybrid RED ESD

Industrial exterior high-performance coating for fire and thermal-resistant protection.

2022 Carbon Neutral Waste Management

At Finnester we care about the environment, that’s why as part of our our waste management policy we offset our emissions using L&T’s Carbon Neutral Waste Management Scheme.

Arja Norris joined Finnester to support the growth

Arja Norris started in February as Manager, Finance and Administration. Finnester warmly welcomes Arja to the team. “The recent years we have taken significant steps developing the innovative and disruptive RED by Finnester fire protective coating for composites. The technology has been proven in laboratory and accepted by the customers. Arja will assume her responsibilities […]

We cracked the toughest requirement in fire safety of composites – flame spread

Many industries have standards for fire safety. All the standards consist of similar parameters, among which Flame Spread is the toughest to reach with fire resistant composites. We solved this problem because our approach to protecting composites from fire is very different from competition. Why is Flame Spread so difficult to pass with composites? Traditionally, […]

Finnester Carbon Neutral waste management

Our home town, the city of Lahti, is the Secretariat European Green Capital & Green Leaf Awards winner of 2021. In our own effort to promote the importance of nature, local or global, we are proud to present our CO2 Neutral Waste Certificate!

Finnester growth strategy proceeding with completed financing round

Finnester Coatings Oy has taken significant development steps during the past year while developing the RED product family to solve the fire safety concerns related to composites. The work to bring the offering to the markets has progressed well and the recently opened own fire lab is fully occupied demonstrating the strength of the solution […]

Finnester opens a new fire lab to serve the composite industry

Coating topcoat

Finnester Coatings Oy has built an in-house fire lab and test facility, to confirm the fire protection performance of Finnester RED combined with a wide range of customer composites. The new fire lab at our HQ in Lahti, Finland, is built for the needs of future and current customers. With the in-house lab we can […]

One name to our one objective

Story of a solution When our fire protective coatings for composites hit the market, we had two options for customers: hybridRED and pureRED. Now that we have researched the potential flexibility of our technologies, we decided to tackle multiple fire certificates for composite manufacturers. Be it hydrogen cases for future vehicles or oil rigs with strict […]

We strengthen our position in the D-A-CH region with AMAC

We at Finnester have been taking a stronger grip in German speaking countries, the so-called D- A-CH region, comprising Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We recently joined forces with the respected Dr. Michael Effing from AMAC to assists us in this endeavor. In order to develop new business opportunities in the D-A-CH region for the endmarkets building […]

Bridge building – Is it possible to use FRP instead of steel or concrete?

The quarterly published Bridge Design & Egineering magazine’s annual supplement for 2020 – Bridges in Extermis –  is on the subject of bridges that face particularly ‘extreme’ challenges, whether due to their location, environment or their span. In one of their articles BDE investigated alternative materials viable for the bridge industry. FRP is presented as an option of […]