Benefits of Finnester ceramifying coating for composites

Ceramification technology

When our R&D team started exploring opportunities in ceramifying technology, the result was the game-changing HYBRID technology where the synergy between inorganic and organic chemistries excels. The technology opens new possibilities to challenging applications since this combination provides a fantastic number of benefits, such as UV and weather resistance, as well as resistance to heat, corrosion, chemicals and dirt, not to forget excellent adhesion and curing at room temperature.

The unique combination of organic and inorganic chemistry into a HYBRID technology, enables also unique fire protection features, further enabling expanded use of composites in new applications and in a more manufacturing friendly way.

Finnester RED technologies

Finnester RED fire protection is based on two different, but compatible, coating technologies that complement each other. With this combination, we can design a coating solution for any type of fire protection parameters.

Ceramification technology

hybridRED technology

  • New break-through technology in fire protection of composites based on ceramifying polymers.
  • The coating has a property where the polymer material can continue to provide a protective barrier after the polymer has burned.
  • The barrier is created by formation of a self-supporting ceramic shield over a temperature range where the polymer undergoes thermal degradation.
  • HybridRED offers outstanding fire protection properties in every aspect – except thermal insulation.

pureRED technology

  • Based on unsaturated polyester technology designed to give the best thermal insulation for composites. It is a styrene based MEKP catalyzed system with a wide application window available in RAL colours.
  • PureRED is applied under the ceramic layer of HybridRED. When exposed to fire, the coating forms a thick intumescent layer to provide the substrate with the required level of thermal insulation.
Cheramic coating

Finnester RED coating products hybridRED and pureRED are applied directly on non FR composites without interfering with the production of the composite or its uniform structure


Other properties of Finnester RED coatings

  • behave as normal liquid coating
  • have excellent adhesion are easy-to-apply, no special equipment needed
  • can have any colour, also transluscent
  • wide application window
Spray Black carbon fiber

Properties of hybridRED as topcoat

  • high weatherability, UV resistance
  • smooth finish
  • shows strong anti-graffiti properties
  • shows excellent mechanical properties
  • many gloss levels, also textured finish
  • fast tack-free time, no stoved post-curing
  • does not contain halogens or antimony trioxide
Coating topcoat

Benefits of Finnester ceramifying coating for composites​

No need for FR fillers/resins

Greater flexibility

No production hassle

Deliver better products

Complete your composite with RED

Complete your composite with RED

Need guidance for the right product?

Finding the best fire protection solution for composite
materials is now easier than ever.