pure RED Ti Basecoat

PureRED Ti (Thermal Insulation) is unsaturated polyester based intumescent gel coat designed for composites . It minimizes the heat transfer to the composite substrate.

dera FLOW

DERA FLOW is a high solid 2 component epoxy base coat for various industrial applications. It cures at room temperature to form a hard , but easy to sand surface that has good overa ll properties . It is not recommended for final surface a topcoat such as HybridRED is required. DERACURE CURING AGENT 100 is used as a hardener.

durester BGF

DURESTER BGF is based on styrene-free polyester resin and is easy and familiar to use among mould and plug manufacturers. Key properties easytoapply roomtemperaturecuring monomer-free fibre-reinforced brushapplied goodchemicalresistance goodexothermicheatresistanceDURESTER BGF has good curing performance at room temperature. It cures to form a hard and styrene resistant surface.