Experts in fire protection

Finnester Coatings

Finnester Coatings is a Finnish company specialising in fire protection of composites. Our expertise is based on know-how accumulated over decades of working in the composites industry. Our ground-breaking ideas about chemistry have resulted in revolutionary coating technologies, which allow composite manufacturers to meet stringent fire safety regulations without needing to change their original composite material at all.

Possessing our own Fire Lab allows us to run a vast number of tests with different composite substrates and coating solutions. This adds to our expertise in the field alongside the extensive development work with fire protective coatings.


Business and job opportunities

Our organization seeks talented professionals experienced in product engineering, sales, and partnerships across various industries to bring optimum value to our customers. We need skilled individuals who share our dedication to fire safety and redundancy measures. Join us in delivering unparalleled service to our clients with strict adherence to high safety standards. We look forward to building a diverse workforce that can meet and exceed our client’s needs.

Ria Wasenius