Marine industry solutions

The marine industry makes extensive use of our technology in various composite applications.

Finnester coatings solution is tested against IMO Part 5 for outdoor use and inside.

  • External structures such as poles, rotor sails, frames, covers, piping and ventilation ducts
  • Engineering parts, such as exhaust covers
  • Decorative elements
  • Special modules such as bathroom floors, lifeboats and swimming pool parts

Finnester Coatings products are especially suited for Marine environment due to:

  • Strong weather resistance – tested against NORSOK and ISO 12944 and long real time usage data
  • Scratch, abrasion wear-and-tear requriements for public spaces
  • Moisture resistant
  • Most decorative and colour options are available
  • High compatibility with other materials
  • Simple maintenance and repair procedure

Good to know


IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 5

Esmarin has been using Finnester Coatings’ fireproofing solutions for several years in various marine applications. The products are very user-friendly and add significant value to our solutions. We highly recommend collaborating with Finnester Coatings.

CEO Jonne Tynkkynen 
Esmarin Composites


Do you need your composite to be tested?

Finnester Coatings Oy has built an in-house fire lab and test facility, to confirm the fire protection performance of Finnester RED combined with a wide range of customer composites.

Solution Expert Ari Hokkanen

Ari Hokkanen, our main engineer and product expert, can offer you unique insights into the benefits of our products. He is a friendly and professional point of contact who can answer your questions and discuss your needs. Contact him to learn about the value our solutions can offer.

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