dera GLAZE EC300

High conductivity epoxy primer
Dera GLAZE EC300 is an epoxy based conductive coating for various industrial ESD applications. It is based on carbon black technology where very low resistance levels can be achieved

It cures to form a hard, mattsurface that has good resistance to water, acids and bases and is recommended to primerapplications only. It is not recommended for applications where UV resistance is needed.

 Key properties

  • matt black finish 
  • 2-component, solvent-free system 
  • dilutable with water

Typical properties

  • density [g/cm3] 1,2 
  • viscosity [25°C, mPas] 600 
  • VOC [g/ltr] 140 


DeraGLAZE EC300 is electrically dissipative and fulfills the ESD requirements of IEC 61340-5-1:2016 

  • resistance to ground < 10 kΩ IEC 61340-4-1:2004+AMD1:2015 
  • system resistance < 10 kΩ IEC 61340-4-5:2018 
  • voltage of the body < ± 100 V IEC 61340-4-5 


  • primer coating for general purpose industrial ESD floors 


All surfaces must be dry and before application dust, oil or dirt is removed by appropriate means. If the substrate is in very bad condition,it is recommend pre-treatingthe surface by shot blasting or diamond grinding. Pre-treatment of the surfaces is highly recommended toget proper adhesion.

substrate material  pre-treatment  primer / activator 
concrete  diamond grinding, shot blasting  DeraFLOW 100 + 20% Solvent 22 
brick  high pressured water, drying  Fresh SA-1 + (DeraFLOW 100 + 20% Solvent 22) 

gel coat, wood, MDF 

shot blasting, sanding 


Fresh SA-1 


The working temperature should be 15 –24°C. Curing agent is supplied with resin part. Add the curing agent accordingly and mix the components well in given ratio (mechanical mixing unit is recommended, approx. 300 rpm). The mixing ratio is given in the label. 

After mixing apply product witha roller. Solvent 22or watercan used to adjust the viscosity. Clean tools with acetone or equivalent.

The coated surface must be protected from direct water contact for 12 –15 hours after application. Surface is tack-free after 1hour depending on the conditions. The product will reach complete cure within 14 days at room temperature.  

Storage & Handling

Keep tightly capped when not in use. Handle in a well-ventilated area. Store indoors at room temperature in the original containers kept tightly closed. Protect form direct sun light. Detailed 

10 kg, 20 kg


Spray, Brush, Roller

Product variants

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