durester CC

Mould surface coating
  • Topcoat
Mould resurfacing and repair coating. DURESTER CC is an unsaturated polyester-based, wax free, thixotropic coating especially designed for mould makers. It gives hard and glossy surface on composite and gel coat substrates. Due to the stability reasons, the product is supplied as non-accelerated. 9% Durester ACC is added before use.

DURESTER CC has an excellent curing performance at room temperature. Just within 16 – 18 hours it cures forming a hard and glossy surface that is very easy to further finish with water-sanding and polishing. 

Key properties 

  • non-porous
  • mar resistant
  • fast room temperature curing
  • excellent styrene resistance
  • excellent exothermic heat resistance

General properties (23ºC)

Viscosity (DIN cup 4)  30 s 
Barcol –hardness 1)  45 -50 
Curing (1,5% MEKP): 
gel time  60 min 
tack free  180 min 
ready to polish  16 – 18 h 
1) 48h, 23ºC / 24h, 23ºC + 24h, 50ºC 



  • producing inexpensive, high-quality moulds (direct tooling) 
  • re-surfacing an old mould 


Mould resurfacing and repair coating

Working conditions 

  • all surfaces must be dry 
  • the temperature of the ambient air, the substrate and the product should be between 18 – 22ºC during application and curing 
  • relative humidity should not exceed 80 % 
  • prior to application dust, oil or dirt is removed by appropriate means 

1. producing inexpensive, high-quality moulds

2. re-surfacing an old mould 


Processing equipment and parameters 

  • conventional gravity feed spray gun 
  • nozzle size: 1,4 mm 
  • air pressure: 2,4 bar 
  • spray 4 layers perpendicular to each other (wet-to-wet) to reach total wet film thickness of 200 – 250 μm 
  • clean tools with acetone or equivalent 



Packaging information

10 and 20 kg metal pail

The information contained in this publication is, to be best of our knowledge, true and accurate. Any recommendations are without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control. Performance of the product described herein should be verified by testing, which should be carried out only by qualified experts and is the sole responsibility of the customer. FINNESTER COATINGS OY Mestarinkatu 3, FI-15800 LAHTI, FINLAND Tel.+358 10 422 1221 · info@finnester.fi · finnester.fi 

Storage & Handling

Store indoors in a cool and dry place avoiding direct sunlight in the original tightly closed pails and drums. Under these conditions the storage life is at least 12 months. Mix well before use. The product contains flammable and volatile solvents. Do not breathe vapor. Keep away from sources of ignition, no smoking. Detailed safety information is contained in a material data safety sheet. 

10 kg, 20 kg



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