hybrid RED CR

HybridReD CR is one-component coating paste with very high inorganic content designed to revive worn or scratched surfaces.

It can be used as final layer as it cross-links within hours under ambient moisture to form a stable layer that provides protection against weathering, It can be applied on various materials but is prominently designed for substrates originally coated with HybridRED fire protection coating.

Key properties

  • weather and UV resistant
  • available in clear and RAL colours
  • non-toxic, does not contain halogens or antimony trioxide
  • no effect on the performance of the original substrate


HybridRED CR is ready-to-use and can be applied by brush or cloth but needs finishing with a dry cloth. As it is not a film forming material, excess material needs to be removed. It is applied as a wax.

10 kg, 20 kg, 200 kg


Product variants

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hybrid RED CR

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Fire Protection Fire Protection
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance
Anti Graffiiti Anti Graffiiti
UV Resistance UV Resistance
Weather Resistance Weather Resistance
Thermal insulation Thermal insulation

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