hybrid RED

Fire protection coating
  • Topcoat
  • Outdoor
Industrial exterior high-performance coating for fire and thermal-resistant protection. HybridRED is a fire resistant coating product for outdoor applications. It is a result of a long research of the use of ceramics in polymer chemistry.

Due to ceramification, HybridRED has outstanding fire protection properties – very low smoke generation, prolonged ignition times and minimized heat release rates. When exposed to fire, HybridRED forms a ceramic shield which is stable – unlike an organic foam formed by an intumescent system.

HybridRED protects the composite from corrosion, UV, weather and vandalism with decorative properties. It offers a smooth and gloss finish in any RAL colour, or transparent.


  • Infrastructure, Buildings
  • Railway, Marine, Aerospace, Automotive
  • Energy
  • Natural Fiber


  • Railway / EN45545-3
  • Marine / IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 5
  • Constructions / BS 476-7
12.5 kg, 25 kg, 250 kg


Product variants

HybridRED 100 Outdoor fire protection coating.
HybridRED 100 ESD Anti-static version of HybridRED 100
HybridRED 200 Outdoor fire protection coating for claddings.
HybridRED 295 1-component version for easy application (interiors only).
HybridRED 295 (400 g/m2) 1-component version for easy application (interiors only).
HybridRED 500 High gloss finish.

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Fire Protection Fire Protection
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance
Anti Graffiiti Anti Graffiiti
UV Resistance UV Resistance
Weather Resistance Weather Resistance
Thermal insulation Thermal insulation

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