Solutions for railways

Finnester Coating provides top-quality certified fire protection coating for railway components.

  • Exterior
  • Interior 
  • Panels, grab poles, seats, doors, cab exteriors etc.  
  • Polyester, epoxy, GF and CF, and thermoplastics (3D printing)
  • Case Studies?

Good to know

Finnester RED fire protection coatings bring significant benefits compared to other fire protection solutions for composites.



Test your product in our Fire Lab

Finnester Coatings Oy has built an in-house fire lab and test facility, to confirm the fire protection performance of Finnester RED combined with a wide range of customer composites.

Need guidance for the right product?

Finding the best fire protection solution for composite
materials is now easier than ever.

Solution Expert Ari Hokkanen

Ari Hokkanen, our main engineer and product expert, can offer you unique insights into the benefits of our products. He is a friendly and professional point of contact who can answer your questions and discuss your needs. Contact him to learn about the value our solutions can offer.

Ari Hokkanen at
+358 40 767 2119 or