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Viability Assessment Service

Viability Assessment Service

We can test the fire safety of your composite material in our Fire Lab in order to optimise a coating solution to meet the fire standards required.

Sometimes our customers have a need for more specific data. It can be the burning behaviour of a composite material, or the thickness of the coating layer needed for certain fire requirements. This is where our Viability Assessment Service can be of use. We offer a flexible and quick service with the help of our own Fire Lab. We can test several different measures of fire safety and compare the results with the standard required.

Our assessment process is cost-effective and fast because our own Fire Lab enables us to run multiple tests in a short period of time. We are proud to call ourselves experts of fire protection of composites. During the past years, we have run a vast number of tests, which builds up our knowledge in the field.

Many fire protection cases need testing

Every construction or manufacturing project is different, and so are the demands for fire protection. The risks and substrates are different, just as the weather conditions the structure will be expected to survive. This is why a certain amount of testing is often needed to find the perfect application.

When needed, we test your composite material in our Fire Lab and optimise a coating solution with an appropriate combination of our products.

We can also help you all the way with the approval process and the integration of the coating solution into your operations.

Watch the proof of concept

Finnester RED fire protection coating system prevents a “composite material” from igniting in a direct heat of 900°C for 15 minutes. Let us test how you composite can handle the fire when coated with RED!

We will test the composite for you and provide the results promptly.

Here are the steps to test your composite:

Requirement Analysis

We carefully review the requirements and specifications to ensure we understand your needs.

Testing Schedule

We establish a testing schedule and collaborate with you to determine the scope of the tests.

Substrate Testing

Our team conducts comprehensive substrate testing to evaluate the performance and suitability of the materials.

Report Generation

We compile a detailed report that outlines the findings and results from the substrate testing phase.

Coating Application

Once the substrate testing is complete, we proceed to apply the necessary coatings to the samples.

Indicative Fire Testing

In our in-house testing facility, we conduct indicative fire testing to assess the fire resistance and safety aspects of the coated samples.

Results Evaluation

We analyze the results obtained from the indicative fire testing and assess whether they meet the required standards.

Certification Application

Based on the favorable results, we assist you in applying for certification, providing all the necessary documentation and evidence to support the application.

Finnester Fire Lab

Our own Fire Lab enables us to run a vast number of tests with different composite substrates and coating solutions. This adds to our expertise in the field alongside the extensive development work with fire protective coatings.

Current capability of the Fire Lab:

Additional planned capability: