Strong positive carbon handprint*
Carbon handprint is defined as the beneficial environmental impact the organisations can achieve by offering products that reduce the carbon footprint of others.

Finnester Coatings prides itself on creating premium quality products that are specifically crafted to enhance and prolong the lifespan of composites. Our advanced coatings are designed to be easy to use and provide long term protection to composite structures even in harsh conditions.  

With years of experience in the industry, we have perfected our unique blend of innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology to deliver coatings that are highly effective.

Finnester RED fire protection coatings offer a more sustainable way to fire protect composites than traditional solutions.  Composites which are produced using fire retardant fillers are heavier and more brittle in construction, thus more materials must be used to achieve same mechanical performance. Simpler production with less used materials and lower waste leads to a lower total carbon footprint in the production.

Significantly lower part weights save energy over the life span of the complete assemblies thus reducing further the carbon footprint.

Since every step count, we continuously monitor our facilities and business operations to ensure that we stay committed to protecting the earth.

By choosing Finnester Coatings, you are investing in a product that is beneficial to the environment and helping all the users to reduce their carbon footprint.    

Magnus Ehrnrooth CEO