Finnester webinar series

Join our webinar series to discover our coating solutions in different industries.

We have a collection of recorded webinars available. Although these recordings are industry-focused, they offer great insight into our potential for fire protection across a wide range of composites. 

The hosts of the webinars

Trevor Fielding and Ari Hokkanen are the hosts of the webinars. Fielding is an experienced technical business manager in the coatings industry with more than 30 years of experience, while Hokkanen, the founder and chief technology officer, has a wealth of experience spanning over three decades in composites.

Trevor Fielding
Technical business manager
Ari Hokkanen​
Chief technology officer

Fire Protection for Transportation New Energy

We will be discussing current industry standards and focusing on battery casing testing, H2 cylinder testing, and thermal insulation testing.

We will also provide examples of various industries that benefit from our solutions.

Fire Protection for Railway and Rolling Stock Composites

 In this webinar, we will address the following inquiries:

  • How can you improve fire protection without changing your composite?
  • How can our new fire test laboratory help you achieve your objectives?
  • What exciting new possibilities does this technology offer?

Fire Protection for Construction composites

Our webinar covers the following topics and more:

  • How to complete your composite and improve its fire performance without altering its composition.
  • What are the relevant fire standards in the construction sector?
  • How can we help you achieve your goals?

Completing Composites with RED fire protective coatings

In this webinar, we will provide examples and benefits of how you can improve your composite products.

For instance, it can repair poor or uneven surfaces, provide complete production flexibility to paint one or one hundred items, as well as extend the life and fix your products. Our coating provides all the required properties in one, including a choice of colors and surface effects, outdoor weathering, and UV light resistance. Additionally, it has scratch and anti-graffiti properties, as well as reliable fire and thermal protection.

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